Saturday, February 26

im grateful to have you kawankawan :)

assalamualaikum , huaa , ary nyh memang tersngad lah busan end tak tahu nak buad apew , then stret terpikir nak buad satue entry mengAPRICITE sume kawankawan yg pernah ade dalam haty saye (!) end here i put some picx all my memories with them <3

hey all my beloved sayang , cheyra , eyqa , aeyna , auny , end amalina , here i jusz make a simple word too you girls , im happy to have you as my beloved one , end im really hope nothing will change our sweet frenship , bee , sayang , honey , mumy , chuby , end soo on lah ken , i never furget our swet memoir that we have been togther fer 5 years sayang sayang , end i will miss all the moment that make our frenship more close too each other , iloveyouuu kawan <3

there are more thing i want too say jusz goo on with yur reading , i jusz make special fur you sayangsayangku sekalian <3

name was give nur syahirah salehudin , hey kawan , most end the most is thankies fer be my frend okay , you now whad , you are the best one that i ever had , end nut frget kechomelan kaw , aww .thanks fer all the cheers , make me smile end make my life full with our memoir kawan ,fer all the advice thanks end thanks , again thanks much sayang , iloveyouumuch <3

second , you nur zalikha farah , yeah was kecik end chun rite ? itu kaw lah sayang , beb , like usual thanks sebab alwys be side me even mcm3 mende yg sudah jadik , sayang kaw ketad3 tahu , mcm3 mende yg jadik kytew still kamching ken , even gadoe thats the way nak close ken kytew end make it as a lesson okay sayang , try lah single nyh :D iloveyouumore lah sayang (!)

third the most beauty end name was given is ainaa zafirah ismail , the hootest one , cute , sexsy not furget hehhe , beb you are the most taking care all my sadness bout all my love problem , thanks fer all the advice , fer all the smile , fer all the tears end evything , i will make it as a gud advice fer me , hey kawan iloveyouumoreendmore lah sayang (!)

forth one , she so kind , her name was auni rasyidah razak , hey kawan thanks jugak okay sebab jadik bestie aqu , its hard too find frens like you end im grateful too get the best one in my life , im sory if i had a mistake to you okay , mostly , jusz remem one thing , the best way of frenship is trust each other , soo i trust you lah kawan , iloveyoumoreendmore(!)

the lastt one , she was an a cute plus sngad3 lembod end sopan santun , wah terharu kaw ken kalaw bace , hehe , actly if picx kaw ket bawah tak semesty nyew kaw bukan yg terbaek bgy aqu , but jusz thing yg gmb nyh tersusun end sume adew lah best eva yg aqu penah dapad , thanks jadik kawan aqu even kytew tak close sngad ken , im happy too now you lah kawan , yes iloveyooumuch (!)

that all my best eva that i will never regret to now them , korang , i will miss all the moment if we're going too berpisah someday nanty , jusz remem one thing ,apew pum orang cakap end sape pum aqu bgy korang even korang bncy aqu kew , tak sukew aqu , aqu nak korang tahu satu mnde yg aqu tak pernah meyesal jumpe korang , sayang aqu ket korang tak ken pernah ilang , end here i want to make an apologise if i had a mistake tak kire lah ade saked ken haty korang kew apew kew , end i hope yg korang tak simpan dendam ket aqu okay , korang , thankss sebab sudi jadik kawan aqu , dgr masalah aqu end care pasal aqu , again YOU ARE THE BEST ONE IN MY LIFE (!) fullstop (!) iloveyoooumuchmore <3

pengikut :)