Wednesday, September 15

only syunk !

his name is muhammad zulfitry
cute , shumel , manje , gedix , pemalo nak mamposh , shukew membebel too uh dy
now him since awal january actualy knl dary my ex AZIEM en knl3 chm too jea
erm then bermule lah sebuah ceritera chente betwen us :))

on 23 february the day of our schol sports day aqu knl sapew dy yg sbenar
tapy myamar sbb nak knl dy betowl3 then luah perasaan kad dy hee~
en he says he likes me ! miss me ! huaaaaa!
then on 28 february we meet at the BUKIT JALIL hehe JOM HEBOH there
thenn mule laa kesah nen dy balek schol same then saloe lepak same hehe
on 19 march he take some time to show his love too me :))
then dy meluah ken evrything saat too uh aq mule bersame nen MUHAMMAD ZULFITRY ny

en until togther en we are getting 6 month in our copel
he's only laky yg BERJAYA tahan lame nen aqu lepas dah ckup FRUST nen AZIEM KHALID
en the most happy is DAPAD CELEBRATING RAYE with dy hehe
pagy raye dah jumpe en pic di atas bukty bersame huhu :P
en mank endah sangad bylerh ADMIRE become FUTURE uh konon3 haaha
p/s : iloveyouuusoomuchmuchmuchmuch syg !

pengikut :)